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Support the Park

Contact us for a tour! Participate in a clinic! Bring a friend and a horse and play on the obstacles! Purchase a membership for the year or for the day! Click here for membership fees. School your green horse or your experienced trail horse over balance beams, logs, and ditches and through water. Ask your trainer for a cross country lesson at the Park. Come check it out!

Winter Sun Horse Park is a nonprofit facility, operating solely on donations and grants. We appreciate your monetary and in-kind donations. We can accept cash, checks, or Paypal donations. Donations of jump building materials, obstacle maintenance equipment and supplies, and entire obstacles are also welcome. Please contact us for more information or see our sponsorship levels below.

Find a way to volunteer that works for you. Be part of the jump crew at our fundraising jumper show. Come to a work party and clear brush or paint obstacles. Plan a fundraising event! Let us know if you happen to be a chainsaw artist or a carpenter or have heavy equipment or can create marketing materials.

Annual Sponsorship Levels

All sponsorship levels include acknowledgement in printed literature, on the website and in social media.


Shetland Pony $1-$99


Fjord $100- $499


Appaloosa Horse $500-$999


Thoroughbred $1000- $2499


Clydesdale $2500 or more


Jump and Obstacle Sponsorship

$1500 will purchase one cross country jump or two trail obstacles

Your name will be displayed on the jump (Call us to discuss options!)


Bank and Water Complex Sponsorship

$10,000 will build a sophisticated, multi discipline bank or water complex

Your name will be displayed on the complex (Call us to discuss options!)


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