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Visiting The Park

Winter Sun Horse Park is open for schooling one half hour before sunrise to one half hour after sunset throughout the summer season. The Park is open Friday-Sunday. If you would like to use the Park at other times, approval is dependent on our irrigation schedule, but please feel free to ask. All Park use must be arranged by phone, email, or text before arriving at the facility. Please contact Heather  at (208) 471-0346 (text preferred) or email the park at: to check for availabilty. Children under 18 must be accompanied by an insured trainer or parent. Clinics and shows should be scheduled as much in advance as possible. Trainers instructing students must have liability insurance of at least 1 million per incident, 1 million aggregate.
All Park users will sign in and out as well as sign a release of liability before using the facility.

We offer safe, inviting, natural obstacles for schooling, clinics, shows, and play for equestrians of all disciplines.

(Jan1-December 31)


$250 per horse/rider combination for full use

$125 per horse/rider combination trail course only *

*(includes water obstacle and any logs 18" or under)

$2,500 lifetime family membership



 2023 Park Day Use Fees


$35 per horse/rider combination for full use

$20 per horse/rider combination for obstacle course

$30 per night stabling fee

(check for availability with Heather 208-471-0346

Annual Membership Fees

Insurance Requirements

Trainers/Instructors must mail certificate of insurance and name the necessary “additional insureds” *please mail certificate of insurance with additional named insureds ℅ Winter Sun Horse Park Inc., 26 Townsend Gulch Rd., Bellevue, ID, 83313 or email certificate to (MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE SCHOOLING) 

Additional Insureds:
Winter Sun Horse Park Inc
(26 Townsend Gulch Rd., Bellevue, ID 83313)
Broadford Ranch LLC
(Rhythm Ranch Subdivision, Lot 3, Blk 1)
Townsend Ranch LLC
(20 Townsend Gulch Rd., Bellevue ID 83313)
Twenty Acres of Freedom, LLC
(64 Lower Broadford Rd., Bellevue, ID 83313)
Solanacaea LLC
(26 Townsend Gulch Rd., Bellevue, ID 83313)
Winter Sun Ranch LLC
(26 Townsend Gulch Rd., Bellevue, ID 83313)
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